Welcome! I am an Internet passionate professional living in Southport, Gold Coast, Australia.

At the moment I’m working with an awesome IT Team at Ignite Travel Group, however, please feel free to contact me for any enquiry.

Web design & User Experience

I have a degree in Database Development and Media Digital Design, more than 12 years of experience
I’ve been working online app development using several CSS and Javascript frameworks and Workflow Automation tools.


Code, code and code… I love to develop algorithms.



You have to build your apps with love nowadays!

Responsive Webdesign
Color Schemes
Graphic Design
Digital Design
Brand Identity


We must be found… search engines helps.

Schema Structured Data
Social Midia
Google Analytics
Google SEO
Google Adwords


Fast, beautiful and powerful way to be online.

Custom Fields
Plugins Management
Multi Sites
Theme Development
Install & Setup

Kaio Andrade

Code | Design | User Experience | Training

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  • twitter.com/kaioe
  • linkedin.com/in/kaioandrade
  • www.kaioandrade.com
My name is Kaio Andrade from Brazil, I’ve being working with Digital Design & Development on internet more than 15 years, living and working on the Gold Coast since 2013. With a solid knowledge in programing languages and design softwares I’m looking for a role of Senior Frontend Developer where will be possible to work with the edge of web development in UX & User Interface. Employed at the moment, yet, looking for a company to sign my ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme, subclass 186) since I am aiming to get my Australian Permanent Visa. I am pleased for having your kind look to my resume and grateful for your time and consideration.


University – Bachelor Degree in System Development majoring in Database Programing, 2000-2004, (~2800 hours) at UNESC (www.unesc.br). High School – Technical Database Programming, 1996-1999 at FAESA (www.faesa.br).

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, team work.
  • Highly proficient using design tools as Adobe Suite softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Full-Stack Developer with professional experience with the most well known technologies on:
    • Programing languages.
    • Server, network, and hosting environment.
    • Interacting with APIs and the external world.
    • User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX).
    • Quality assurance and Security concerns.
    • Understanding customer and business needs.
  • Professional experience designing high quality, high performance applications from scratch, as well as maintaining and extending existing applications.
  • Accessibility Certified.


Senior Frontend Developer, Ignite Travel Group / www.ignitetravel.com Company specialised in Australian Travel Industry. June 2016 – Current.
  • Design and development on high volume, dynamic web application using WordPress to manage the user interface.
  • Development using languages as PHP, CSS, JavaScript through several frameworks.
  • Choosing technologies and tools, to be applied on new and current projects.
  • Training staff members how to use the developed systems and adopted tools.
Senior Full-Stack developer, BJJ Lotus Club / www.bjjlotusclub.com A well known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojo located in Gold Coast. Feb 2014 – Current.
  • Design, development and maintenance of a dynamic website (WordPress based) using the edge of web development technologies to manage the students attendance and grading.
  • As a SEO manager, able to locate the dojo at the first page on organic searches on Google using the most important keywords on the Martial Arts industry.
Senior Full-Stack developer, Inforum Education Australia / www.inforum.com.au A well known English Language School located in Gold Coast. October 2014 – November 2016.
  • Design, development and maintenance of a dynamic multi-site (Pure PHP and WordPress based) with 8 different languages from scratch using PHP, mySQL, CSS and JS.
  • As a SEO manager, able to locate the school at the first line/page on organic searches on Google using the most important keywords on the language educational industry.
Internet Manager, Agencia Chuva (Formerly Gota Design) / www.agenciachuva.com.br A design and communication agency in Espirito Santo, Brazil. November 2011 – April 2013.
  • Leader of the internet team, developing web apps integrated with wordpress and ecommerce systems based on Magento platform.

Most recents technologies

  • HTML5, PHP & mySQL
  • CSS3 & 4 (SASS/SCSS, FlexBox, CSSGrid)
  • JavaScript (Vanilla, JQuery, React [soon professionally])
  • Preprocessors (Prepros, Grunt, Gulp)
  • Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap 3 & 4, Foundation, PureCSS)
  • Methodologies (BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS, OOP)
  • Version Control Repository (Git)
  • Version Control GUI (Sourcetree/Bitbucket, GitKraken)
  • WordPress (ACF, Post Types, Taxonomies, API integrations, Plugins & Themes development)
  • Project/Task Management (Atlassian, Asana, Trello)

0426 522 622 | [email protected] | linkedin.com/in/kaioandrade www.kaioandrade.com

Most recent projects

Feel free to contact me using any of this ways

0426 522 622
[email protected]

At moment I’m working with a very cool team,
learning a lot and enjoying my time.

However, always looking for new challenges, so…

Please give me a call or send me an email and
I will get back to you soon as possible!

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