Welcome! I am an Internet passionate professional living in Southport, Gold Coast, Australia.

At the moment I'm working with an awesome IT Team at Ignite Travel Group, however, please feel free to contact me for any enquiry.

Web design & User Experience

I have a degree in Database Development and Media Digital Design, more than 12 years of experience
I've been working online app development using several CSS and Javascript frameworks and Workflow Automation tools.


Code, code and code... I love to develop algorithms.



You have to build your apps with love nowadays!

Responsive Webdesign
Color Schemes
Graphic Design
Digital Design
Brand Identity


We must be found... search engines helps.

Schema Structured Data
Social Midia
Google Analytics
Google SEO
Google Adwords


Fast, beautiful and powerful way to be online.

Custom Fields
Plugins Management
Multi Sites
Theme Development
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Kaio Andrade

Coding | Design | Experience| Education

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[Coding ] aiming to write code that is modular and reusable in a plug-in / plug-out philosophy. HTML5 with semantic, taking advantage of features like online & offline storage, forms validation API, all within W3C valid and structured markup within project requirements.

A responsive coding using media queries practices with portable stylesheets following CSS methodologies like SMACSS, OOCSS and preprocessors LESS and SASS.

Familiar with Frameworks like Bootstrap, MDL (Google Material Design) and similars. Online icon libraries Font Awesome, Google fonts and typekit are part of my toolbox.

Javascript: JQuery or Vanilla implementation creating plugins to improve front-end interactivity and user experience.
comfortable using well known APIs like Google Maps, Facebook and others Social Media integrations.

Education based in Database Development using several languages like Object Pascal and C++, professionally I became a developer a developer specialized in PHP language, becoming able to create online systems accessing MySQL Databases with complex Structured Query Language algorithms.

Conditionals, loops and other procedures is part of my life, OOP is the path.

WordPress theme development and customizations, events, user interaction and other popular extended functionalities. Understanding of Multisite possibilities and the potential for using WordPress as a CMS, Intranet or Web Application framework.

To create an integrated Workflow I became familiar with tools like Grunt/Gulp, Node/npm and Git/Gistbox.

Sublime Text is my favorite code editor.

[Designing ] using the Adobe Suite since version 3. Photoshop and Illustrator among other apps aiming at parametric and organized documents through consistent use of master pages, paragraph, character and object styles, symbols, non destructive image manipulation with masks and smart objects. I am able to further enrich the application adding resources found online.

I had an opportunity to work on many different areas like design in perspective, printing design, development of tutorials, drawing, image improvement, image restoration to mention as examples.


Photoshop is a tool that is with me since the beginning, as a result I know the most common shortcuts by heart, providing an super agile workflow.

With a deep knowledge about vector images, I'm handful working with Illustrator creating, tracing or editing documents using color's theory and layout's rules and insights.

I'm used to work with two or three monitors to improve the workflow performance, curiosity is a constant.

Indesign, After Effects, Premiere are apps that I can also easily work.

[Teaching ] I’ve been working as a IT teacher in many renowned schools in Brazil, teaching computer programing and design, improving my team/people management skills.

[Formal Education ] Bachelor Degree in System Development majoring in Database Programing, 2000-2004 , (~2800 hours) at UNESC (www.unesc.br) and Technician Database programming, 1996-1999 at FAESA (www.faesa.br).

[Most recent jobs ] were developed as a freelancer applying digital design (UI&UX), development and integration with 3th party API’s well known like Google, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram.

  • ::Ignite Travel Group | http://ignitetravel.com/ - Front-end developer working with PHP, JS, CSS design interfaces, user experience and integrating data systems.
  • :Inforum Education Australia | http://inforum.com.au/ - Project created from scratch using Bootstrap among others resources, applying a personalized visual identity. Based in PHP, access MySQL database developed to create a dashboard to manage the content using a multi-level login system.
  • ::BJJ Lotus Club | http://bjjlotusclub.com/ - Project created from scratch including all visual identity for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team located in Southport, Queensland.

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Feel free to contact me using the form below

At moment I'm working with a very cool team, learning a lot and enjoying my time.

However, if you want to have done your next project with me, I still have some time available to private projects.

Please give me a call or send me an email and I will get back to you soon as possible!

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